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The Team at Transform Destiny

Founder and Co-Owners

Michael Stevenson

Founder, CEO, Co-Owner

Michael started the company which became Transform Destiny in 2000 after having used hypnotherapy and NLP to transform his own destiny. His passion is helping people discover their untapped value to the world. Read more about Michael at his bio page

Kayla Stevenson

Kayla joined Transform Destiny in 2012 and has quickly made her own reputation in the field. As Chief Operations Officer, Kayla is in charge of day-to-day operations and support. Read more about Kayla at bio page

Trainers and Live Event Managers

Ryan Simmons

Director of Training, Lead Trainer

Read about Ryan at bio page

Sheri Cutter

NLP Trainer, Live Event Manager

Read about Sheri at bio page

Gina Rodriguez

NLP Trainer, Live Event Manager

Read about Gina at bio page

Paula Moyer

NLP Trainer, Live Event Manager

Read about Paula at bio page

Christopher Drake

Master Success Coach

Read about Christopher at bio page

Glen Depke

Influence to Profit Trainer

Read about Glen at bio page

Matt Prater

NLP Trainer, Live Event Manager

Read about Matt at bio page

Coaching, Customer Service, and Other Roles