How to Close High-Ticket Clients with this Step-by-Step Process
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"Close More High-Ticket Clients than EVER Before with this Proven Step-by-Step Method"

How many times have you heard these phrases and didn't know how to respond...?

"I can't afford it..."

"I don't have the time..."

"I'm already in another program..."

"My spouse won't let me..."

"I don't like to use credit/debt..."

"Maybe next month/year..."

"I need to talk it over with my..."

"I'm not sure this will work for me..."

"I need to think about it..."

Not knowing how to overcome each and every one of them is one of the most dreadful problems facing both new and seasoned coaches, NLP Practitioners, hypnotherapists, counselors, energy workers, and health practitioners and a huge source of frustration and disappointment.

Most coaches and practice owners, like you and I, have struggled with how to respond these statements and the feelings they create and it's the number one reason most finally give up on their dream: lack of paying clients.

This lack of results doesn't just affect your bottom line. It's a vicious cycle, because each 'no' you receive creates even more fears and more limiting beliefs, further limiting your potential and causing you to show up on each call in an increasingly awkward and desperate state.

It undermines your confidence, and, frankly, doing call after call where all you hear is "no" is probably the least fun part of your business (next to doing taxes 🤣).

But there is hope!

You may think that people who have the gift of closing clients are born with certain intrinsic traits and talents, but in actuality, being a great closer is something you can learn and master very easily without ever being pushy or deceptive.

When I first entered into this field, I was a shy, socially-awkward, young kid who was terrified of doing sales and heard far more "nos" than "yesses". Over time, I developed a step-by-step system for closing clients with a very high success rate.

I call this, The Discovery Call Process and it's very different than any other "strategy call" or "consultation call" process you've use before.

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The Real Reason Most Prospects Don't Say Yes to You

Very often, when people consistently tell us "no," we begin to take it personally. We start to think there's something wrong with us. We often think thoughts like, "why can everyone else do this, but I can't?"

But the fact is this: there's nothing wrong with you. You are magnificent in so many ways, especially in your desire to help people as your purpose!

If what you're doing isn't working, it simply means you haven't found the way that works yet.

Trust me... it took me a few years to work out this system, and that's only because I studied and took courses, read countless books, experimented and practiced on hundreds of calls until I finally had the perfect process mapped out that I could use every time to close almost all the prospects I speak to.

The reason why most people aren't saying yes to you isn't because of you... it's because you haven't connected their outcomes to your product, service, or program. They simply haven't yet seen you as the avenue to get what they want.

Now, most "coaches' coaches" out there will tell you that all you have to do is get people on a call and "give value in advance," and people will enroll in droves.

But that's not true.

In most cases, giving value in advance will lose the sale. (If you've tried this strategy, you already know this).

What you need to do is learn to sell — and I don't mean in some slimy, icky way, like the "hard-core closers" and "bros" like to chest-bump over.

You need to sell in a way that is authentic, empathetic, and genuine. That's where How to Close High-Ticket Clients comes in

This will make me successful

How to Close High-Ticket Clients Training with Michael Stevenson

In this comprehensive video training, you will:

  • Close more clients than ever before with a simple, proven, step-by-step process that's easy to follow
  • Finally feel good about sales by redefining what selling means and what selling is — helping your prospect get what they want — so you always have the purest of ethical intentions and behaviors. You will never be called "pushy" because rather than coercing prospects with manipulative techniques, you will lead and inspire them to become clients
  • Adopt a mindset of success by creating the right identities, values, and beliefs that will support both you and your prospects on every call
  • Know what to say at every moment while always being authentic. This program teaches you a process of selling, not scripting. So you will always sound like yourself, because you'll be being yourself, which means you will always be natural and comfortable on every call
  • Have your clients closing themselves because this process is based more in asking the right questions, rather than teaching silly sales tactics and closing techniques. As a matter of fact, when using this process, most of your prospects will thank you for selling them
  • Close sales effortlessly without any "ick factor." You will never hear me using words like "twist their arm," "crush it," or "grind," in this program. Rather, this process is elegant, refined, and, most important, ethical and done with integrity
  • Overcome objections easily by understanding what an objection actually is (contrary to popular belief, they're not actually a "no." You should actually celebrate objections!). Understanding the actual meaning of an objection is one of the biggest differences between people who close elegantly and those who get discouraged by the "rejection"
  • Get consistent high-paying referrals from your new clients and existing clients with an elegant process set up to create referrals at the beginning of the Discovery Call
  • Finally feel confident in your pricing with the proper mindset and strategies for determining your value
  • Overcome Impostor Syndrome, once and for all with the bonus Eliminate Impostor Syndrome video home study course included with this program

What Others are Saying

"I have always felt comfortable sharing what I was offering but was at a loss how to ask for the sale! I didn’t understand how to share with my client how I would help them get what they wanted. Michael taught me that and it has made all the difference!" -Jeannette Rossman McGaha

"Michael, I've had two Discovery Calls since yesterday's training with you — both signed on!"

And another update: "I have had three calls — each resulted in enrollment and deposit!" -Erin Koczur

"I conducted a discovery call session this morning and followed the steps you outlined. At the conclusion of our Discovery Call, the person made a commitment to a Personal Breakthrough Session at my regular price. She just Zelle’d me the payment ($2,500)." -Bradley Thompkins

"So, all three of my Discovery Calls signed up for a package, but two of them ended up even better...

They both went from helping the single client to selling a couples package for double the price!" -Kimberly Guche

Bonuses Included with How to Close High-Ticket Clients

Enroll now and you will receive the following bonuses valued at over $100:

  • New! Successful Practice Foundations Marketing Training ($300 value)
  • Wealth Imprint System™ 30-Day Wealth Mindset Program ($1,200 value)
  • Eliminate Impostor Syndrome Program ($100 value)
  • More Confidence Recorded Hypnotherapy Session ($50 value)
  • Business Success Recorded Hypnotherapy Session ($50 value)
  • Improve Sales Recorded Hypnotherapy Session ($50 value)

Our Iron Clad Results Guarantee

I'm so confident in your ability to achieve success with this process, that I personally guarantee your success.

That's why I can make this guarantee: If you aren't completely thrilled with the content and the quality of this training, simply let us know within 30 days of purchase (which is plenty of time to watch it) and we will issue a full and complete refund. That way, if it works for you, it was worth every penny, wasn't it? And if it doesn't, it costs you nothing.

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  • Bonus: Improve Sales Hypnotherapy Recording($50 value)
  • Bonus: Eliminate Impostor Syndrome Program($100 value)
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